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1106 S Commerce
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Medically Backed
As a healthcare professional-owned and -operated business, Naturemeds aims to help you find the right product and educate you on your purchase.
Readily Available
Whether you seek the highest quality flower, concentrate, edible, or topical, Naturemeds carries what you need and make sure it stays in stock.
100% Organic
We control the growth of our cannabis from start to finish to ensure our products are consistently pesticide-, fertilizer-, and metal-free.
USDA Certified
We grow all our buds through aquaponics at a local award-winning facility and remain committed to meeting federal organics standards.
What we offer
Superior Selection & Service, Centered on Customer Care
Naturemeds is a state-licensed marijuana dispensary in Southern Oklahoma that sells a variety of best-in-class medical marijuana products. Our owners have a healthcare background and a primary goal of caring for clients. We want to serve as your educational resource for medical marijuana, help you obtain your medical card, and purchase cannabis products to manage your symptom relief.
Our Products
Flower & Concentrates
Flower & Concentrates
Our expert budtenders can help you navigate our vast selection to find what you’re looking for.
Edibles & Drinks
Edibles & Drinks
Our first-rate assortment of medical marijuana edibles offers sweet, long-lasting relief from chronic pain.
For all-natural, next-level localized pain relief, check out our inventory of top-shelf topicals.
Have a green thumb? Naturemeds offers a variety of pesticide-free plants to stock your garden.
Accessories & Apparel
Accessories & Apparel
Looking for a gift or need to stock up on supplies? Look no further — Naturemeds has you covered.
Accessories & Apparel
All Our Products
See all the products we currently have in stock on with our Leafly menu. Order online and get same-day store pickup with ease.
USDA Certified Growing Process
Naturemeds partners with Symbiotic Aquaponics, a nationally recognized, award-winning business based in Talihina, Oklahoma, to grow our premium products using a process called aquaponics. How does it work exactly, and what makes it a superior method for growing cannabis? Aquaponics refers to a USDA-certified process that recirculates water to raise and grow all-natural fish and plants. Fish wastewater helps plants grow by providing them with essential nutrients and reducing the need for added fertilizers or pesticides. No chemicals in our cannabis = healthier, safer consumption for our clients.
Fish excrete ammonia
It’s released into the system as a waste byproduct
Ammonia converts to nitrites
It’s a natural result of ammonia’s exposure to oxygen
Nitrites convert to nitrates
Naturally occurring “good” bacteria help the system thrive
Plants absorb nitrates
Nitrates contain necessary nutrients for plants to grow
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